Church Denominations and Design

Rhodes architecture works with a diverse array of organizations, christian churches, and denominations – each with their own unique needs, traditions, and preferences. Whether we are designing a facility for a Pentecostal church, a Catholic church, an Assembly of God church, a Four Square church, a Community church, a Lutheran church, a Baptist church, a Presbyterian church or a Non-Denominational church, we work with our christian church architectural clients closely in a collaborative investigative process to define their specific needs.

As church architects in the world of modern Christian ministry and church design, the Rhodes team is comprised of skilled church designers, church planners, and church architects who are as ready to explore a traditional church design solution as they are to develop a high-tech sanctuary with high-end audio and video. The reason for this is simple – every client is different, every church is different, and our goal is always simple – to help our clients develop and build the spaces they need to serve the kingdom as they are called.

At Rhodes we are facilitators. By working with you in tight communication we help you to realize and accomplish your ministerial goals. By starting the design development process fresh with each and every church, Rhodes architects helps churches that are growing to avoid the pitfalls of cookie cutter solutions and denominational stereotypes. It doesn’t matter whether you are Pentecostal, non-denominational, Protestant, or Liturgical – your church has it’s own identity independent from denomination and a thorough investigation of your church’s aesthetic preferences, design styles, goals and vision is the only means by which we can determine what you truly need in order for your project to be a true success.

Where a high vaulted ceiling might be the right solution for some churches – others are more likely to need an architectural church design that reflects a different set of presentational values. From church to church, be it Pentecostal , Catholic , Assembly of God, Four Square, Community, Lutheran , Baptist, Presbyterian, or Non-Denominational, opinions on design are wildly different. What the church designers at Rhodes will do is work with you, your staff, and your community to identify what you need in your unique situation.

Church design is nearly as diverse as faith itself. By working closely with you we will help you to figure out what you do and don’t need, plan efficiency so you secure the best available cost, and deliver an on time, on budget, facility that satisfies all of your ministry needs today, building ground for tomorrow.

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