Four Square Church Design & Four Square Architecture

Four Square church design and Four Square church architecture are very flexible concepts. In designing a Four Square church or working with a Four Square church to define it's needs, we have found that the desired solutions often have more to do with the financial capacity of the church body than any denominational style.

Rhodes architecture is intimately familiar with Four Square church design and Four Square church bodies. As a long term facilitator of Four Square church architecture, the church architects at Rhodes architects have the experience necessary to help Four Square church leadership make educated and effective decisions about their Four Square church building process.

Four Square architects are responsible to the church body and pastoral staff of the client, not to a conceptual style that must be applied. Because of this, Four Square architects work first and foremost with their clients to define what is needed, what is wanted, and what pre-conceptions are already on the table.

By working with Four Square churches in this manner the team at Rhodes architects is able to help Four Square clients to save money, time, and energy by avoiding unnecessary costs and by empowering their clients to step 'out of the box,' and to grow their church as they are called to do so - not to fit a mold defined by other churches or the larger organizational body. Working with you, Rhodes will help you find solution that fits your unique needs.

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