Dreamcasting & Master Planning

After working with about 30 churches we realized they were all dealing with the same issues and prone to making the same mistakes at some level.  Rhodes relized that before a construction plan, before phasing, before master planning; there was a missing common definition of the DNA of each church design client.  After five years of research and development, we have refined a process to address this called Dreamcasting.

Dreamcasting is a long range church planning and visioning workshop based on church ministry that combines church project and ministerial goal setting, together with dynamic congregational facilitation in a workshop setting.  Dreamcasting provides the framework for future planning and church architecture.  It has been 100% successful in moving church design forward toward a church building.

Why is Dreamcasting So Important?
When we first started Dreamcasting services, senior pastors and church leaders would make statements like, “We have a mission statement and a purpose. Why are we doing this?”
When it came down to defending these statements, it was painfully clear that they sounded good, but they didn’t create definition and clarity of ministry.  Most of the time they were not being reflected in ministry goals, congregational support, evangelistic outreach, or market strategy.  In fact, most congregations couldn’t summarize their mission statement or purpose let alone quote it.  As a congregation, you can go through one of the many church growth strategies or books.  Your first, second, or third attempt will not be as impacting to your growth plan as our thoroughly developed visioning workshop.

Dreamcasting brings definition to core ministry, leading the congregation through workshops so they think in one accord. 

Many of the leaders, like Pastor Jon Olson of Messiah Lutheran, asking ‘why’ in the beginning would be stating by the end, “We didn’t even know we needed Dreamcasting, everyone should do one.”

What do we get out of Dreamcasting?
Dreamcasting is the foundation for all later phases of design and construction.  Master planning, phasing, growth plans, and construction plans are all filtered through the Dreamcasting deliverables saving time, money and committee members’ resources.
The report is purposefully presented in letter (8 ½” x 11”) format as a living, changeable resource to church leadership.  We want it in the hands of leadership, not sitting in the attic as a ‘oh, we tried that growth plan.’  We typically complete a Dreamcasting in three weeks.  The report consists of the following:

  • A phased, ministry based, Dreamcasting growth matrix
  • Survey results
  • Dreamcasting workshop notes
  • Recommendations for changes based on our findings
  • Sketches of each ministry space

When paired with our master planning services, the church gets a long term growth plan covering all aspects of balanced church ministry.  Our phased solutions build on the Dreamcasting deliverables with phased costs, and phased master plans.  Not one plan, but a plan for each phase, so that leadership can better visualize each individual phase for stewardship and building campaigns.

Dreamcasting is the first step to fully understanding your ministry potential and creating unity within the congregation to move forward with growth planning, master planning, phasing, construction documents and building campaigns.  Contact us today for an initial, no cost discussion of how Rhodes can help with your church growth plan.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like more information, please contact us today. We can be reached by phone at 206.465.2021, or you can submit to the right and we’ll get right back to you.

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