Team Build

Providing the client the most value for their project is our imperative at Rhodes Architecture.  Our extensive experience in team integration, technology integration, team communication and relationships is the foundation for our efficient process.  We incorporate the latest Building Information Technology (BIM) together with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) methods to leverage team knowledge in a collaborative, sustainable environment.

Whether the project delivery process is Team Build, Design-build , IPD, or design-bid-build, Rhodes has developed  relationships and process efficiency that foster integration of team members to provide the most value to the client.  While many architects would profess to be able to deliver a team build model or IPD model project, we have found most general contractors would not agree with the intent or outcome of them, or any owners’ definition or understanding of the two systems.  The reason is that most architects are starting from the contract intensive processes developed for design-bid-build.  Rhodes starts from relationship, trust, and an early unanimous decision making process.

IPD is new; the AIA first establish contracts in 2007.  IPD is not however new to us - it involves total collaborative design in the early stages, with all parties defining goals. All stakeholders are present for meetings and make unanimous decisions.  It’s hard to propagate finger pointing or throw a team member “under the bus” when the decisions are unanimous.  The benefit to the owner is faster design times, with fewer errors, and greater understanding by all the stakeholders.

Part of our process efficiency comes from the use of BIM.  Building information modeling technologies are quickly transforming the architectural practice.  BIM brings the worlds of design and construction closer together, showing a more precise scope of work earlier in the process and leveraging the knowledge of the stakeholders in a collaborative environment built on strategic alliances with open information sharing.  The integration of technology is twofold; analysis of systems, and the enhanced presentation and visualization of the project at early stages.  The Autodesk BIM software Revit, takes into account related information and spatial relationships in a way that far exceeds traditional CAD programs.  Revit is the basis of our open information sharing on the project, since the communications need to be geared to the lowest common denominator.

We include BIM as our base service because of the time it saves in communicating the design.  The process efficiency with Revit and IPD together is:
paperless design
Green design, sustainable design
enhanced document coordination
integrated design
integrated value engineering
integrated scheduling
first cost analysis
lifecycle cost analysis
easier quantity takeoffs
predictive modeling
…to name a few.

Your investment with us will be enhanced by our process efficiency and extensive experience in team integration, technology integration, team communication, and relationships.  With BIM, it’s easier to get it right the first time, which increase the value of our services to you, our client.

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